KiiltoClean Ltd

KiiltoClean is a leading Finnish supplier of cleaning and hygiene solutions, and an internationally strong operator. Our product range includes washing, cleaning, and surface-care agents, along with hygiene products and industrial chemicals.

Our customers are industries that require high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. In addition, we manufacture hygiene products and household washing and cleaning agents for consumer use. Besides Finland, KiiltoClean products are marketed in Russia, the Baltic states, Sweden, Poland, and Ukraine. Our products are developed and manufactured safely and with consideration for the environment. We are a Finnish company and highly familiar with Finnish conditions, the customer needs, and requirements set for the products.

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KiiltoClean employ 300 persons in six country.

Our subsidiary in Russia

OOO KiiltoClean

OOO KiiltoClean (Russia) headquarter is in St. Petersburg.
Salesoffice and warehouse is in Moscow.
A topmodern, local factory in Sertolovo (St Petersburg)
Strong position in north-west Russia, with growth emphasis in Moscow and Russia areas.
Most important customer-groups are food-industry, HoReCa, healthcare, general cleaning and laundries.


Our subsidiary in Baltics

KiiltoClean Oü 

KiiltoClean has subsidiary´s in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
KiiltoClean OÜ headquarter is in Tallinn.
KiiltoClean Oü (Estonia) is liable also for the sales of Belarus and Ukraine.
Logistics in Baltics is mainly handled via Estonian warehouse.
We are a clear marketleader in Estonia, with a goal of growth in Latvia and Lithuania supported by own sales organization.
Main customer-groups; food-industry, Horeca, cleaning, laundry and health care.